Juliet Ibrahim Actress thinks opposite sex bestie is another route to becoming a side piece

Juliet Ibrahim doesn’t buy the idea of having an opposite sex best friend as it always leads to something sexual.

Juliet Ibrahim (Instagram/JulietIbrahim)

Juliet Ibrahim (Instagram/JulietIbrahim)

We wonder how our celebrities come up with these views like the one where Juliet Ibrahim said having an opposite-sex bestie is another route to becoming a side chic/nigga.

The beautiful actress made this known on her Instagram page on Thursday, May 31, 2018, where dealt extensively on the ever controversial topic of having an opposite sex as a bestie.

“#OpenGistWithJuliet #TapForDetails. I have been discussing this topic with my friends and I thought I’ll share with you. I told my friends that I believe in most cases; opposite-sex besties are decoy names for side chicks or side niggas. In the sense that; most of these besties secretly have a crush on each other and are just waiting for the right time to be the one to come to the rescue or be the shoulder to lean on. Or, maybe they had a thing once or twice before and decided to just stay friends. What do y’all think” she wrote.

Well, guys maybe you all should read carefully this quote again and ponder on it whether Juliet Ibrahim actually has a point or she is just trying to score some points so as to trend on social media. Recall a few weeks ago, the Ghanaian actress while on social dropped another bombshell and this time it was about her favourite sex position.

Juliet Ibrahim attends Crazy People movie premiere

Juliet Ibrahim attends Crazy People movie premiere

Juliet Ibrahim shares with her fans her favourite sex position

Juliet Ibrahim glows in redJuliet Ibrahim glows in red(Instagram/JulietIbrahim)

Juliet Ibrahim in a recent Instagram post shared with her fans and admires her sexual fantasies. She went on to share her favourite sex position which was quite revealing.

“My favorite sex position is the one where they are down to grow with you as a person and care about your mental health and well-being.” We guess that wasn’t what you all were expecting but yes, that her favourite sex position.

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