Uncut & Unbaised: CoverKing Courtesey of Auto Accessories Garage

Auto Accessories Garage

Auto Accessories Garage

Recently the great people of Auto Accessories Garage  reached out to me to test out the CoverKing NCAA Car Seat covers. At the time, I had no idea it would end up being a great product to save my seats from a car seat. Here’s what I think about it.


Quality: A-

Utility: B+

Value: A+

Overall: A-

When I said yes to this product, I had been looking for something safe to put between the seats in back of my Chevrolet HHR and a Graco car seat. I was afraid the car seat would ruin the seats and the value of my car. This product really has helped.

I absolutely love that you can go to on their website, Auto Accessories Garage, and customize your vehicle, seats, dash, etc. For me, I chose to get the Auburn University covers. War Eagle!

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The covers are very durable, easy to clean, and although they were a little tight when I initially put them on, after a while they seemed to fit a lot better. The extra price to have them tailored to your personal vehicle is definitely worth it.


After a struggle with placing the product into my car, it was definitely worth it. They are amazing! Even in the city that I live in, people are still complimenting my covers and wishing they had their own.


Any diehard NCAA sports fan should definitely own a set. They are customized to YOUR personal vehicle so you know they will fit unlike the seat covers you can purchase at a local store. Look no further for the best car seat covers!

Thank you Auto Accessories Garage for giving me the opportunity to try Coverking. My fiance and I thank you for saving my vehicles seats and the chance to support my favorite team even on the road.

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