WWE Extreme Rules July 2018 results: Lashley upends Reigns, Kevin takes scary fall

Bobby Lashley scored a big and somewhat surprising win over Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules  July 2018 but that wasn’t the only one on the show.

WWE Extreme Rules July 2018

WWE Extreme Rules July 2018

There were plenty of surprises and tricks throughout the night from nine falls in a 30-minute Iron Man match to the B-Team becoming tag team champions and a Pittsburgh crowd that many times decided to entertain itself than leaving that to the action in the ring.

When it was all over only one championship changed hands, Ronda Rousey decided to get involved from her front row seat, and there was the return of a former WWE Champion. And let’s not forget about James Ellsworth hanging upside down from a shark cage. And let’s definitely not forget about Kevin Owens being thrown off the top of a cage through the announcers table.

Maybe the best way to describe the show was strange as it got weirder as the night went on. Sporting News had all the WWE Extreme Rules 2018 coverage you needed with a live blog that you can check out below.

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 live updates

Dolph Ziggler beats Seth Rollins in a 30-minute Iron Man match for the Intercontinental Championship

10:40 p.m. FINISH: Well, that didn’t take long. The match restarts and McIntyre comes from the crowd and jumps on the apron but Rollins knocks him off with a big knee. Ziggler takes advantage of the moments and connects with a Zig Zag for the pin. Ziggler wins 5-4.


That was nothing like anyone thought it would be. Rather than letting those two talented wrestlers simply tear it up for 30 minutes, WWE decided to muck it with nine falls and interference. Between that and the crowd reaction, this was a bit of a mess rather than what could have been a classic.

10:37 p.m. Rollins is going for submission moves but Ziggler gets outside the ring. They go back inside and Ziggler catches Rollins with a Famouser but can’t get the three count. Final seconds and Rollins hits a superkick and the stomp. He crawls over for the pin but the clock runs out with them tied 4-4.

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